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Marijuana Criminal Defense Attorney
Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles or anywhere throughout Southern California and in need of a marijuana lawyer, The Law Office of Bruce M. Margolin is well-versed in marijuana-related criminal defense. You do not deserve prison because you have a safe, legal prescription for pain management. When you are involved in the legitimate use of marijuana, Mr. Margolin will do everything in his power to properly defend you and protect your rights. He handles all kinds of criminal defense cases for those accused of crimes surrounding marijuana and medical marijuana.

Acting as Your Defense and Expungement Attorney

When serving as your marijuana attorney, The Law Offices of Bruce Margolin help minimize the impact marijuana criminal cases have on your life. This protection includes expungement attorney services when applicable.

In legal terms, expungement is the removal of an arrest record or conviction from your criminal and public records. This process is very important in relation to prior marijuana criminal cases. You do not deserve to have life complicated by a conviction for something that is now perfectly legal in the state of California. Mr. Margolin and his team study the details of these convictions and, when possible, formally requests those court records sealed and destroyed. Our firm helps you reclaim your life from the prior criminalization of your legitimate use of marijuana.

Let us protect you from unjust accusations. For more information about the many ways we can help you with your marijuana case, please schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Bruce M. Margolin.


The Margolin Book

The Law Office of Bruce Margolin is your go-to cannabis defense lawyer for:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales
  • Narcotics Violations
  • Transportation
  • Search and Seizure Law
  • Forfeiture Laws
  • Drug Testing
  • Deferred Entry of Judgement
  • Expungement
  • Prop 64 Resentencing/Reductions
  • Medical Board Licensing Hearings