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If you face manslaughter charges in San Diego, Los Angeles, or surrounding regions, having an experienced California manslaughter lawyer representing you can make the difference between a fair trial and a loss of your freedoms. Juries may hesitate to acquit a defendant who has been charged with murder or manslaughter, even when the prosecution’s case is flimsy. A veteran California manslaughter lawyer can shine a light on the holes in the prosecution’s case and highlight any procedures that were not followed to the letter of the law.


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When you are searching for a trial lawyer to represent you, experience should be one of the first factors that you consider. A seasoned criminal defense attorney has both the knowledge and the courtroom experience to provide you with the strongest possible defense. Among the steps that an experienced California manslaughter lawyer may take are bringing in experts to gather additional evidence and testimony and reviewing the steps the police and the prosecution have taken to build their case.

The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq. have more than four decades of experience representing clients in manslaughter and homicide cases, as well as in legal areas such as drug-related offenses and second and third strike cases. The firm’s criminal defense attorney team has represented clients throughout California and across the country, and the firm’s founder has been recognized as the Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year by the Century City Bar Association. If you face serious charges, the firm’s trial lawyers can provide an initial consultation at no cost–either at their Los Angeles office or over the telephone.

When you are searching for a trial lawyer to represent you, experience should be one of the first factors that you consider. Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer online or call 1-800-420-LAWS for a free initial consultation.