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    The Law Office of Bruce M. Margolin is a highly effective and successful defense firm that offers comprehensive criminal defense services, handling all criminal cases—including drug charges, DUI/DWI, murder, violent crimes, sex crimes, theft offenses, and internet crimes. If you would like more information on the firm’s criminal, drug, alcohol, and marijuana defense services, please get in touch with The Law Office of Bruce M. Margolin today.

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    As the expert medical marijuana lawyer in Los Angeles, Bruce M. Margolin has successfully defended many individuals charged with cannabis-related criminal offenses. As a leading California criminal defense attorney, he has dedicated his practice to helping individuals fight marijuana charges, which historically, have been serious offenses over the years (even for minor offenses). Mr. Margolin continues to support the legalization of marijuana and is actively involved in the fight for legislative reform regarding marijuana laws.

    Bruce M. Margolin prepares and files marijuana business applications for his clients throughout the state of California. His law firm ensures that clients are regularly informed on the evolving California laws, including the Medical Marijuana Safety Act. He takes pride in spearheading progressive legal reform for the medical marijuana industry, as well as appropriately educating clientson the everchanging cannabis laws – especially those regarding both state and local licensing issues.

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