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    If you are accused of a crime in the court of law, you need an attorney as committed to results as you are to regaining your freedom. The Law Office of Bruce Margolin is the Los Angeles law company that vigilantly advocates for you. Mr. Margolin, our founder and attorney, works to protect you throughout your case, as he has done for every client regardless of the charges against them.

    From the moment we receive your call, our team begins to help you regain your freedom. Much of the work we do leads to early dismissal of cases or the prosecution’s pursuit of lessened charges. While every case and outcome are different, our commitment to your defense stays the same.

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    Arrest Expunged, Lessened Charges, and Favorable Outcomes: How We Succeed

    Why is the Law Office of Bruce Margolin the law company you should call? We provide favorable outcomes for our clients wherever possible, such as having charges dropped or an arrest expunged. The Margolin difference is early intervention.

    The most important legal defense work happens within the first few days following an arrest, and what your lawyer does within that timeframe affects your ability to win the case. Mr. Margolin and his staff get to work immediately, wasting no time in assisting you. By gathering all the facts and presenting a cohesive view of the event in question, our knowledge about the case often surpasses the prosecution’s. We help you regain your freedom with as little impact to you as the court can allow.

    The Law Office of Bruce Margolin is based in Los Angeles, and Mr. Margolin represents anyone in California. If you need the help of a dedicated criminal defense attorney, call our law company today.

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