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Possession of up to an ounce

Reductions and Dismissals of Prior Marijuana Felonies  As of November 8, 2016, with passage of Prop 64., it is now Legal to Possess (and Give) an ounce of Marijuana & 8 grams of Hashish; California Health & Safety Code § 11362.1, 11362.45;  LAW: POSSESSION, BY ADULTS OVER 21, OF AN OUNCE OR LESS OF MARIJUANA[...]
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Possession of Over an OuncePossession of Over an Ounce

Possession of Over an Ounce

California Health & Safety Code § 11357;  Except as authorized by the law*, possession of not more than 28.5 grams of marijuana, or not more than four/ eight grams* of concentrated cannabis, or both, shall be punished or adjudicated as follows:  ALL ADULTS 21 OVER IN CALIFORNIA   LAW: POSSESSION OF OVER AN OUNCE OF MARIJUANA[...]
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Possession for Sale

California Health & Safety Code § 11359 b MISDEMEANOR LAW: POSSESSION FOR SALE IS A MISDEMEANOR UNDER MOST   CIRCUMSTANCES: To sell means to exchange any amount of marijuana or  hashish for anything of value. Note that “giving away” up to an ounce of marijuana  is legal in the State of California involving adults over the age of[...]
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California Health & Safety Code §11362.2 & §11358 Misdemeanor /Felony  LAW: Cultivation of up to 6 live plants of Marijuana is legal per residence for adults  over 21; and you may posses whatever amounts have been previously grown, and  harvested (also in the residence).  Note from Bruce: You may want to keep the root-balls as evidence that[...]
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Drug Testing and Employment

Drug Testing and Employment

Unfortunately notwithstanding the passage of Prop 64 (AUMA), the legalization of marijuana/cannabis in some instances, employers may still refuse to hire and fire persons that use marijuana/cannabis. California NORML has sponsored pending legislation, that will provide protections for patients from lose of  employment.  Ross v. Raging Wire Telecom [42 Cal. 4th 920 (2008)]- CA Supreme Court[...]
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Forfeiture of Money and Property

California Health & Safety Code §11470(e) Forfeiture laws allow state and federal governments to seize money and property that  are proceeds of, or are used to, facilitate illicit drug activity. Forfeiture proceedings are  usually filed separately from the criminal case in which the “defendant” is the money  or property itself. The owner must file a[...]
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Destruction of Arrest and Conviction Records

California Health & Safety Code §11361.5 Removing and   Expungement (PC §1203.4 ) of your Marijuana Conviction   California law requires all governmental agencies to automatically destroy any records of marijuana possession  charges and any records of charges for giving away or transporting up to one ounce of marijuana two years after  the date of conviction or[...]
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